An employment lawyer dedicated to assisting employees in challenging unfair treatment and fighting for fair labor standards. If you have been harassed, felt discriminated against, or unfairly dismissed from a job in Trenton because of your ethnicity, gender, disability, age, pregnancy, or other condition unrelated to your job performance, a good Trenton employment attorney can give outstanding representation and assertive advocacy on your behalf.

Here are some examples of Trenton, NJ employment law cases:

• Racial Discrimination & Harassment: This law represents employees who have been treated unfairly because of their color, ethnicity, or national origin. Under state and federal labor regulations, workers are covered against racial discrimination and harassment. 

• Wage and Hour Matters: An employment attorney will assist you in fighting for the full financial recompense you deserve, whether you were denied the basic wage or your employer refused to pay full and correct overtime earnings.

• Gender/Sex Discrimination: Neither your gender, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identification shall be used against you in the workplace to deny you equal treatment or equal opportunity.

• Age Discrimination Claims: Far too many older people experience mistreatment in the workplace because of preconceptions about what they can or cannot achieve based on their age. Some employees are protected from age-based discriminatory discrimination under federal and state legislation.

• Whistleblower Retaliation: Whistleblowers can shine a light on serious workplace wrongdoing, such as health and safety breaches and fraud. Employers are not allowed to take a critical point against a whistleblower, such as demotion or dismissal. If you believe your rights have been abused, a Princeton whistleblower lawyer can assist you.

• Wrongful Termination: Employers are not allowed to fire an employee for an illegal cause. You have the right to pursue a claim for wrongful termination based on discrimination harassment, retaliation, or violation of the contract. 


Employment lawyers concentrate on the numerous laws that govern the interaction among both employers and employees. If you believe your employer has wrongfully handled you as an employee, or if you are an employer who has to fire an unpleasant employee, they may benefit from the assistance of an employment attorney. A labor lawyer will understand which laws should apply to your specific circumstances and how to use the laws to preserve your rights. There are so many laws for the right person. If you are a good person then these laws will surely help you to overcome the bad things.

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