Everything you need to know about land for sale blaine county

Are you looking for farms, ranches, or other land in Blaine County, Oklahoma? In Blaine County, there are hundreds of land listings for sale. According to recent data, Blaine County, Oklahoma ranks 59th out of 77 counties in the state in terms of total acreage of rural properties and land for sale. In Blaine County, Oklahoma, there are now over $13 million in land listings for sale, according to internal statistics. This equates to a total of 2,199 acres of land available for purchase. The average cost of land for sale in this area is $485,399. More land listings and ranches for sale in Oklahoma can be found on Oklahoma land for sale website. You should choose among the best land for sale blaine county.

Thousands of ads for undeveloped land for sale are available in Oklahoma. According to recent Lands of America data, Oklahoma has 200,000 acres of undeveloped land for sale. The total market value is estimated to be $982 million, with an average price of $279,773 for undeveloped land for sale in Oklahoma. Future development possibilities for the 108,056 acres of undeveloped land for sale in Oklahoma include Residential Single, Agriculture, and Hunting/Fishing. Turkey, whitetail deer, quail, geese, ducks, pig, and dove are some of the most common wildlife species found on undeveloped land for sale in Oklahoma.

Commercial property for sale in Oklahoma is currently being used for residential single-family homes, agricultural, and hunting/fishing. On Lands of America, you may search all Oklahoma undeveloped land for sale to discover your next commercial property or land investment. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the state as one of the top ten states for cost of living.

Why the demand for land for sale blaine county has increased?

Cropland values in the United States climbed 10% year over year to $2,970 per acre, while pasture values increased 6% to $1,230 per acre. Oklahoma agriculture, on the other hand, averaged $1,110 per acre, up 13.4% from 2007. The price of an acre of pasture has risen by 11.1 percent to $1000. Although reported farmland values in Oklahoma are greater than pasture values, nominal pasture values have climbed more rapidly in recent years than cropland values.

Farmers, both existing and prospective, have hurdles as land values rise. High land prices may tempt existing farmers to sell, either to support retirement or to finance the purchase of a new farm with less urban intrusions. They wonder if selling their home and relocating would allow them to take advantage of rising land values in their local market and reduce their land investment’s opportunity cost. High land costs represent a barrier to entry for aspiring farmers.

Final thoughts

Land is the most valuable asset on a farm’s balance sheet, as well as the most common source of farm debt for many farmers. As a result, farmland values are a significant indicator of a farmer’s financial situation. While it is well known that agricultural land prices have risen over time, the variables that have contributed to these increases are less well understood. Even in places with low agricultural yield, land values in rural Oklahoma are skyrocketing.