What are the different sizes of Bérêche & fils wine bottles?

Bérêche & fils wine bottles are produced in nine main sizes: 50 ml, 75 cl, 100 cl, 125 cl, 1 L, 1.5 L, 3 L, 5 L, and 10 L. From the smallest, a third of a bottle at 75 cl, through the standard bottle (0.75 liters), right up to magnums measuring 1.5 liters, Bérêche & fils bottles are all carefully selected for their exemplary quality. A: The Bérêche & fils family represents a wide range of bottle sizes. Bérèche & fils Original and L’Esprit are 750ml. Bérêche & fils Magnum is 1.5 bottles, while Le Grand Cru extends to 3 bottles. Bérêche & fils 2Vins+ is an extra-large format (1/2 liter), and is also available in Le Cadeau.

All of our Bérêche & fils wines come in a unique flower-shaped bottle inspired by the famous art and architecture of Provence. No two bottles are exactly alike. They range in size from 25 to 37cl, with an average volume of 33cl ¯ a miniature wine bottle.

Bérêche & fils offers many wine bottles that come in different formats, sizes, and designs. Bérêche & Fils produces wine in France and the United States. For U.S.-made wines, bottles come in half-bottles, 187ml, and 750ml sizes. Berêche & fils wine bottles are available in eight différent sizes — here are the most common sizes: 217 cl, 375 cl, 750 cl, 1 ltr. The Bérêche & fils wine range is 750ml, 1L and 1.5L and contain 100% natural products. The aging process takes place in the bottle itself, giving the bottle more character than standard wine.

Bérèche & Fils produces 6 different sizes of wine bottles, according to the grapes that are used and the type of wine that is produced. Here is a list of their bottles and their minimum capacity in milliliters (ml) – the measurement system used to describe bottled wines. The Sélection collection are all 155ml, whereas the Création à dégustation collection are all 600ml.

The Bérêche & fils bottles come in six different sizes: 375mL, 750mL, 1.5L, 3L, 5L and 10L.

All Bérêche & fils bottles ever manufactured can be categorized in six different sizes, depending on their height and capacity. The range of online wine auction  wines is available in three different formats:

Our Bérêche & fils Classique range is available in 0.75, 0.375 and 0.1 litre sizes. Our Prestige range is available in 0.75, 0.375, 1, 2, and 3-liter sizes (we do not produce 0.1-liter bottles in our Prestige range).

Berêche & Fils is a winery located in France, owned and run by the Bérêche family. The estate produces approximately 20,000 cases of wine each year and is constantly being improved. Bérêche & fils have 5 different sizes of bottles ranging from half a liter to 3 liters. The vineyard’s three types of wine are named after the size of the bottles they come in: “La Grande Réserve” is the most prestigious, rested for a few years in the cellar before being bottled. Output is 2,800 bottles per year. “Le Vieux Pinot” is matured for a minimum of three years before being bottled: output is 600 bottles. “La Vigne Tranquille” is lightly filtered and is sold as soon as it has been made: output is about 5,000 bottles per year. The cuvées are bottled by hand and are packaged in their traditional Bérêche & fils bottle which was created in 1877.

Bérêche & fils wines (Berèche in Alsatian and Fils in French) are available in a variety of bottles:

Bérêche & fils is a company from the Rhône Valley that specializes in the production of high-quality wines. Bérêche & fils is affiliated with many major wine classification organizations and has received many awards over the years, including over 30 gold medals at international competitions. Bérêche & Fils comes in three sizes: Red, white, and rose. The reds are 375mL, the whites are 750mL, and the roses are 375mL.

We make a range of bottles from the 0.5-liter bottle to the 1.0-liter bottle. The different sizes of Bérêche & fils wine bottles include 1.5 liter, 3 liter, and 5-liter sizes. There are three different sizes of Bérêche & fils wine bottles: the standard, the magnum, and the jeroboam. When it comes to wines with deeper-colored grapes, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, the standard size fits perfectly. For red wines whose wine has a lighter hue, more delicate aroma, and taste, like Pinot Noir or Tannat, we recommend the magnum size. And if you prefer white wines that age well, like Viognier or Semillon, you’ll appreciate that a jeroboam will fit 6 different Bérêche & fils bottles perfectly.

Bérêche & fils produces several different wine bottle sizes ranging from 750ml to 25000 ml. The most popular sizes of Bérêche & fils wine bottles include 375ml and 1500ml. All Bérêche & fils wine bottles are 750 ml unless otherwise noted. Classic – Tasting Bottle (700 ml) Élite – Tasting Bottle (750 ml) Petit – Balcony Bottle (750 ml) Extra Grande – Balcony Bottle (1.5 liters) Magnum – Balcony Bottle (3 liters) Double Magnum – Balcony Bottle (6 liters).

Bérêche & fils produces three different sizes of wine bottles: 75cl, 50cl, and 25cl. With each size comes a colored cork depending on the region and type of wine. A Bohemian Rulander wine will use a dark red cork while a Sauternes wine will use a yellow cork. Wines are sold in Bérêche & fils bottles of 750 ml, 1.5 l, and 3 l; or in boxes of 12 bottles and 24 bottles. The Bérêche & Fils glass wine bottles come in six different sizes: 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L, and 2L. All of the bottles are actual glass bottles that still contain cork that once held wine. A certificate of authenticity is included with each bottle.

Our bottles are available in 375ml or 750ml. Bérêche & fils are the specialists and the market leaders in this category. We were established over 30 years ago, with a strong focus on creating exceptional quality wines in a range of stylish and satisfying packages. Our award-winning wine labels, combined with our innovative bag-in-box packaging and patented frizzante venting technology, both offer an exceptional drinking experience. Bérêche & fils is the only producer of natural wine in the Jura. The company’s cellars are located in Savagnin, in a stone building dating back to the 15 th century and run by vine growers (grower-producer).

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