Everything You Need To Know About Call Handling

Call handling is the procedure of managing the incoming and outgoing calls that a company/organization/enterprise receives daily. A person is assigned to the job of receiving and making calls, they could either be a person from the sales team of a company or a special call agent. The major functions of the person who is responsible for call handling are to answer the frequently asked questions, talking on behalf of the company, more like a representative of a company, and providing information about the company’s target/goal to enhance the growth of the business by bringing in new customers. The other roles of a call handler are as follow:

  • Booking appointments
  • Accepting payments
  • Forwarding calls to particular departments as per the requirement. 

 Call handling also makes sure that the phone line of accompanying never gets busy for any customer to make their services available and for a good customer experience. 

The Work System of Call Handling

An automatic answering system or an interactive voice is sometimes set up when there is a routine call handling procedure almost every day. The customers calling a company requires a quick solution/answer to their question and with this automatic interactive voice, it is somehow easier to provide a good customer experience.

A call handling basic system includes the following steps which help the customer in need:

  1. Pressing 1 to contact the sales team.
  2. Pressing 2 to talk to customer service executives.
  3. Pressing 3 to check information about their accounts or any work in the company. 

Besides providing a satisfactory customer experience, call handling also manages in making automatic calls and announcements to the employees to keep them informed about certain information like office holidays or promotions. 

The Importance of Call Handling In a Company

Incoming or outgoing calls, both are important for a company. A good, conversational, and improved call handling management is efficient to build a company’s image in the market. It opens the door for a better customer relationship which helps in enhancing the growth of a company by bringing in new customers to the brand/company.