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Govt likely to introduce new clause to pause trigger of bankruptcy  proceedings for 6 months, say sources -

Life is not always fair. You work hard and do what’s right for your family. But the unexpected in life happens. You may have lost your job, you may have gotten into an accident, or you may have been forced to take in an ill relative. Any of the things can put a tremendous strain on your finances. They may have put you in a very difficult situation. If you have done all that you can to keep yourself afloat financially. If you have reached the breaking point and can no longer pay your bills and service your debts, then it may be time to declare bankruptcy.

You should not feel shame in taking this action. Bankruptcy is a second chance, not an indication of failure. You cannot anticipate and control everything. All you can do—like everyone else—is make decisions based on the information that you have. The decline in your financial fortunes may owe to events and circumstances beyond your control. If that is the case and it has led you to the financial edge, then you should declare bankruptcy. The best bankruptcy law firms can give you the help and advice you require.

Bankruptcy gives you legal protection against your creditors. Once you have filed the paperwork for bankruptcy, your creditors can no longer call and harass you. Your lawyer will advise you on the type of bankruptcy you should file for. In most instances, you will not have to give up your home. And although you will not be able to take out loans or additional credit cards in the next five years, bankruptcy will allow you to breathe a bit of financial fresh air. You will not feel as pressured and bothered about your debts. You will be able to re-assert control over your finances and put your life back into order.

Nearly everyone has financial trouble at some point in their lives. You should not feel as though you are the only one who has fallen on hard times. The important thing is to get control back. Filing for bankruptcy is the best way to do this. It will allow you to rid yourself of excess debt or to pay it down gradually. If you are trying to get your life back together, filing for bankruptcy may be the first and most important step in doing so.

The lawyer you hire should be trustworthy and honest. You want to work with a lawyer who has extensive expertise and experience in this area of law. Your lawyer should advise you on a course of action that is best given the circumstances. They should also ensure that your rights and interests are protected. This last point is essential. Once you enter bankruptcy, you should deal with your creditors through your lawyers. You should leave all communication and negotiation to them. This will ensure that you do not say or do anything that can undermine your case. You should also expect the best service from your lawyer. You should know that you are getting the best deal possible.

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