How Businesses Can Benefit From Facebook Chatbot?

Adopted by industries across the globe for modern communication, a chatbot emerges to be an integral part of every business. Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), they have the power to boost the growth and development of a brand significantly. But, what exactly is a chatbot and how can businesses benefit from it? 

A chatbot is a form of program that supports real interaction with prospective and existing customers via a chat interface. Put it simply, it’s a kind of service that enables people to have a conversation with the business. The chatbot can be used for innumerable services including customer support, ordering online, search and track flights, schedule meetings, product suggestions, find restaurants and more- the possibilities are endless. 

Transform Your Business With Chatbots 

There isn’t one, but four different ways by which having a chatbot can transform your business and these are:

  • Enhance Customer Service: Over 80% of online shoppers need assistance while buying online, so the customers would need help to know more about the products that suit their requirements and budget or might have navigation issues while using the site. In any situation, the chatbot can provide real-time assistance, ensuring they always take an informed decision. 
  • Available 24X7: When businesses create a Facebook chatbot (สร้าง chatbot facebook, which is a term in Thai) they can remain available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this ultimately will have a good impact on the overall customer satisfaction. 
  • Proactive Customer Interaction: The “passive interaction” i.e. responding to customers when they are connected, leads to proactive customer interaction. The bots instantly start communication at any time of the day, making the customers feel that the company is ahead and truly values customer experience. 
  • Promotes Customer Engagement: The companies who engage with customers on social media can again over 20% conversion on an average, and the chatbots contribute to this engagement, making it more interactive than ever.