Speed Bump: Choose The One-Piece Speed Bump Type Retarder

The one-piece retarder is, therefore, by definition, non-modular. It consists of only one central piece and two pieces placed at the ends. It measures 5 centimeters in height by 30 centimeters in length and 1.83 meters in width, added to the pieces located at the extreme parts, which measure 15 centimeters in width. Over its entire width, the one-piece retarder, therefore, occupies more than 2 meters of width on the roadway.

This type of speed bump has 8 cat eye types of reflectors. Its installation is made slightly faster since there is no assembly between the parts to be made, apart from the two parts at the ends, unlike the two other speed bumps.

Choose The Trapezoidal Type Modular Retarder

The trapezoidal speed bumps allow vehicles to pass more smoothly; their shape is less abrupt than the modular or one-piece 5 cm and 7 cm speed bumps. Trapezoidal speed bumps are also modular and therefore consist of several parts that can be assembled according to the desired spread width on the roadway. Each piece is 50 centimeters wide and 5 centimeters high. As for the length, it is possible to choose between a length of 60 centimeters or 90 centimeters. They are equipped with yellow rubber parts ensuring maximum visibility for users, day and night, whatever the weather conditions.

There is the possibility of custom-made speed bumps such as speed bumps Memphis for the speed bumps to adapt perfectly to any private road. From colors and materials to dimensions or even logos, it is possible to rethink the design of speed bumps according to the needs and desires of the customer. In the event of the development of public roads, speed bumps of the speed hump type are also available for sale. The Sino Concept team can provide additional information and help customers choose the perfect speed bump for their road layout or private parking lot.