In this modern era, the internet is growing widely and very fast. This internet has borne some giants that have dominated itself. These giants can be anything that consumes the time of every user on the internet. One of them is social media. Today, every person is on social media who shares their posts and stories with their friends through the internet. The top famous social media application is Tiktok. People who use Tiktok, always want to get more likes, more comments, and more shares. The Tiktok user can be a normal person or a celebrity. There is no problem for the celebrity to get more likes, more comments, and more reach on Tiktok. But for a normal person, it is always a problem to get more reaches and more love or likes. I know, you also want to get more likes on your Tiktok page and more comments also. Don’t go anywhere and focus on the following three basics things to get more audience for your page and get more likes, comments, and reaches on Tiktok without any expenses and investments –

  1. Engaging posts:

You might have seen the posts of digital marketing companies or big celebrities, what you noticed? When you see their posts then you just like the post and comment on it. What was the thing that attracted you to their post? Let me tell you, that was nothing but their post’s design and content. That post was designed in such a way that when you will see it you will have to like, comment and share. Now their work has been done, that’s it. So, I want to tell you that you should always share the content and post-image on your page that are engaging and make people feel enjoy. If your post is designed excellently then you will get more real Tiktok likes and comments. Why? Because when people will see your post will like and share with their Tiktok groups and friends.

  1. A fix routine:

After making a perfect post, you should maintain your routine. Here routine stands for the schedule of your time when you will have to upload your post. If you publish your post daily at 11 am then you have to publish your post daily at 11 am. Because daily means daily. Don’t make any excuse for your schedule. Or if you can’t do it daily then no problem, you can publish your post every Sunday also. There are no restrictions for uploading time and day but it should be according to your schedule. 

  1. Catchy content:

Now come to the third thing that is your content type. Your post’s content should be in favor of your audience or the public. One thing that would have to be kept in mind is that your content must not be against any religion, caste, or any tradition. A catchy title is always growing and engages with more audiences.

The overall mean is that your content and post should be of high quality and not goes against your public interest.