What are merchandise display tables and its types?

It is possible to adapt the appearance of your shop displays to the overall idea of your store design with the use of many goods display tables that combine a metal frame construction with an insert wood-top surface. In every retail location, from fashion and gift shops to books, jewelry and sports goods stores, merchandise display tables are a great solution that will quickly increase the flexibility of your inventory presentation.

The retail shop Display tables are the most important storage accessories for the merchandiser. They serve as the foundation for the distribution of a diverse variety of items and are a significant component of the overall design and presentation of a store. In order to attract prospective consumers to assess their products, to engage with them, and to get acquainted with them, the display table of goods must arouse an interest in them, which is critical in retail marketing.

Display Table with Nesting Compartments

These displays were created for a Fashion Concept shop in the French capital of Paris. The design is a contemporary interpretation of the nested display table. Building the bottom display with wood pallets is one option, while building the table with a table top paired with a pipe frame is another. A pipe clothes rack completes the overall design. The nesting appearance is achieved across the whole design for merchandise display tables.

Each of the buildings has been painted either white or black to create a cohesive image. In addition, it offers the displays a clean, contemporary appearance. Using our Table Frame kits, you can simply reproduce the table, and one of our Clothing Rack kits will allow you to build the clothing rack you see in the picture.

Glass-topped round retail table with a rounded base

The table is constructed from a pipe frame and has a spherical glass table top as its top surface. It is designed to seem industrial and to complement the existing clothes racks in the shop, therefore it makes use of big pipe fittings (particularly size 8) to achieve this impression. A sophisticated appearance is also achieved by combining the glass top with the pipe frame, which is in keeping with the spirit of this business.

Displaying Tables in a Stack

Using the Flange fitting in conjunction with industrial pipe, this tiered table design is a version of the Stacker Shelf, which has shelves that are piled one on top of the other using the Flange fitting. To create the various levels, the Flange is screwed onto the pipe on both sides before being screwed into place on each of the individual wood shelves.

Kee Klamp.

As a result, Kee Klamp gives the ideal material to create something completely distinctive for your shop while also being incredibly useful at the same time. Kee Klamp is simple to work with, is easily adjustable, and has an industrial appearance that no other material can match in terms of character. Browse through our Table Frame Kits and Clothing Rack Kits to discover a mix of displays that will work for you and your store’s specific needs. By combining Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, you can create your own retail display table that matches the spirit of your business while also effectively displaying your products. When exhibiting products that cannot be put on a garment rack or for any prominent items, a retail display table is a fantastic option to consider. Kee Klamp allows you to quickly and simply construct your own. Kee Klamp is simple to use, easily adjustable, really robust, and it looks fantastic!