Airtel Postpaid Plans Offering Best OTT Entertainment

The rise of on-demand and OTT (Over the Top) entertainment services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others is directly correlated to the rise of subscription revenues in pay-per-view television. It’s not a coincidence that when cable services went away or were discontinued, people turned to their OTT alternatives. But nowadays, with more people turning their heads towards digital sources of entertainment, OTT platforms are getting popular. And due to several OTT platforms available in the market, various service providers are coming up with all-affordable packages to offer viewers an all-inclusive portal of entertainment. Such an initiative is taken by Airtel through its postpaid recharges. So, if you’re an OTT-lover, then opt for Airtel postpaid bill payment by choosing the right plan for yourself, and get your entertainment needs fulfilled.

Airtel keeps on changing its postpaid plans on a real-time basis. Its most popular packages are INR 399, 499, 749, 999, and 1599. And, the OTT platforms that Airtel bill payment for postpaid recharge often includes are Disney+ Hotstar VIP, Amazon Prime, and Zee 5. But, right now, the updated Airtel mobile bill payment plans include only Amazon Prime free subscription with it.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most well-known OTT platforms. Amazon Prime provides many benefits to users who use it, but what exactly does Amazon Prime OTT do? Does it stand out from all the other OTT services available on the internet? Is it better than all the OTT services available? Ultimately it gets to how you choose to use Amazon Prime. One thing to register for Amazon Prime is by taking prime membership through Amazon itself.

Amazon Prime OTT offers a wide variety of on-demand services through your mobile device, which you can access at any time. With it, you can have access to video content related to different genres available across various networks. In Amazon Prime with a premium subscription, you get instant access to authentic content, including movies, television series, cartoons, and other titles under various companies. It even includes movies from all worldwide genres, including action/adventure, comedy, children’s movies, family, westerns, and many others. 

Airtel postpaid bill payment for Amazon Prime does not limit your usage to cable television but also gives you the freedom to view your favorite shows whenever you want from anywhere. 

How Does Airtel Postpaid Plans in Connection with OTT Subscriptions Work?

Getting free OTT subscriptions with Airtel postpaid isn’t any rocket science. It is extremely easy to access. All you get to do is to pick a recharge plan that suits your smartphone’s day-to-day needs. You can proceed with any of the plans, and you’ll get a one-year Amazon Prime OTT subscription for free. So, it’s a win-win for you, in the most economical way possible.

Now that you have gone through it all about Airtel postpaid and OTT platforms it connects you with, you must have been thinking of recharging your postpaid plan. If yes, then opt for Airtel Payments Bank for your Airtel bill payment or Airtel recharge. All you need to is to open its website, click or postpaid, choose your service provider, select the plan, and you’re done. Now you can enjoy seamless binge-watching sessions anytime.