All You Need to Know About Pink Kitty Liqueur

Pink Kitty Liqueur is a vodka-based ultra-premium liqueur paired with exotic herbs, peach, and pomegranate flavors, helping to deliver amazing taste. Some people, when they hear of Pink Kitty, aren’t sure how versatile Pink Kitty Liqueur can be. Can it drink on its own? Is it a good addition to other liqueurs? What is the alcohol volume in Pink Kitty Liqueur? Is Pink Kitty ethically made, and are the ingredients sourced well? Let’s take a solid look at Pink Kitty to see what exactly it’s made out of and why it’s the choice for you.

Can You Mix With it?

Pink Kitty is completely mixable and works well with peach and pomegranate drink flavors. Different mixes are available and different types of alcohol can become more delicious when you add Pink Kitty to it. Mixing with alcohol that is floral or fruity is a great decision, but any addition would be a delicious choice. Mixing with Pink Kitty liqueur is an experimental process; you can find whatever combination you think tastes the best for you. Not everyone will like certain combinations, but learning what you like is a part of the fun. Note you should never over consume Pink Kitty Liqueur or any other alcoholic beverage.

Get Creative or Use One of Our Recipes

You can find recipes for Pink Kitty on our website. Or, create your own recipes with your favorite mixtures. It’s all about the adventure when you buy our brands of aphrodisiac liqueur. If you create something you think we should know about, tag us on social media. We would love to hear about your thoughts and creations.

Alcohol Volume

The addition of herbs and spices to Pink Kitty Liqueur minimizes the percentage of alcohol in the drink overall. The alcohol content in Pink Kitty Liqueur is thirty-five percent, which is slightly less than what is expected for alcohol. Regardless of the alcohol content within Pink Kitty Liqueur, you can be sure that there is enough alcohol content to be both a great mixer and can easily be drunk on its own. The alcoholic volume in Pink Kitty is just enough to drink alone or with other mixers or alcohol.

Added Herbs

Pink Kitty Liqueur has a variety of herbs and spices added to it, and though that lowers the alcohol content, the added herbs and spices provide a rich and delicious flavor that can be consumed all on its own. You don’t have to add Pink Kitty to any type of mixer if you don’t want to; it’s delicious just as it is. Some of the added herbs that spice up this beverage are Avena sativa, damania, and maca; peach and pomegranates are also added to give the drink a smooth, fruity, delicious taste.

Pink Kitty Liqueur is made with a combination of herbs, spices, and flavorings and is made with precision and care. With thirty-five percent alcohol volume, you can do whatever you’d like with Pink Kitty Liqueur by mixing it with other beverages and liqueurs. If you’re looking for a delicious fruity drink that can be mixed with anything or drunk outright, always remember to drink responsibly. You must be twenty-one or older to buy and consume Pink Kitty Liqueur. If you’re interested in giving Pink Kitty Liqueur a taste, feel free to go over to our website to learn more.

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Now you know everything you need to know about Pink Kitty Liqueur. All you need to do now is order some and enjoy the taste of this compelling and unique blending of herbs and spices. With hints of peach and pomegranate, along with Damiana, Maca, and Avena Sativa, you’ve never tasted anything like it, and once you have, it will become your favorite drink. You can find recipes online at to try out as well. We look forward to hearing what you think about our products! While there, you can also look at our Easy Rhino Liqueur as well.