Customised Garden room as the Guest room

Are you feeling stressed to host a party or guest staying overnight at your home, as you do not have that extra room for your guest? Or worried about extra work it requires to keep it clean and tidy? Do not worry, we have the solution. A beautiful guest room using  the extension garden room Here are the simple tips to how to make your garden room converted to a guest room within your budget yet comfortable for your guest to feel at home:


Take the space availability into consideration and think of the ways the room can be decorated for your family and friends comfortable stay. Even if the room lacks space, a simple thought such as lighter wall colours helps to make it appear bigger. Also using an ample amount of natural and artificial light can make the room look wider.


For any rood decoration, the first part of the decoration is the deciding on the theme. Go through the books and internet to find some classy ideas for decorating your guest room. Think of white or neutral colours, or even the mix and match of light and darker shades. Create a statement art on the wall and perfect lighting.


Add some soft furnishing to create a great ambience for your guest to enjoy. Think of ideas to add seating arrangement with sofa with cushions, bean bags, fabric stools, along with blanket on the bed that the guest is sure to enjoy. Also, think of curtains on the windows and doors to give them some privacy.

Decorate thoughtfully

Think of the ways you can decorate the additional space for your guest. Use candles, interior plants, some paintings, wall colours, curtains or any similar items. Keep it minimal and do not get overwhelmed. Plants add an instant splash of colour and make the space lively. Carefully select the plants that can be placed in the room.

Setting up the room with an elegant and beautiful statement piece and rightly chosen decorative help your guest enjoy the stay at your place and appreciate the welcoming.


Lighting is one of the key element of decorating any space. A dark or dull room will not be liked by many. So mastering the lighting in a room is vital.

There are several options available in the market to decorate any space with light effects. Some of them include – skylights, down lights, fairy lights, candle decoration, lanterns and spotlights in various shapes, functional and sizes. Use different light options for the guest to use and adjust to the mood.


Who does not like a spacious bathroom attached to the guest room? It offers a sense of privacy and comfort to the guest. The guest can relax and feel at the home.

Archway Joinery specialises in creating garden rooms, home offices, kids room, guest room or garden lounge, which is the best alternative to the extension of the house. Garden rooms are the stylish home extension option, and there are several ways to use the extra space.