Termite Inspections: Discovering Termite Colonies to Treat the Infestation Immediately

If you believe termites are invading your property, you need to have a termite inspection done right away. But, if you are looking to purchase a house soon and want to know when you can schedule such an inspection, late winter is often the best time. The reason is that termites are not as active during this time. As the temperature rises in early spring, these pests become more active and multiply. This is the reason regular pest control Austin and preventative treatments are necessary, especially if you have dealt with termites in the past. 

Once a colony of termites gets bigger, some termites leave and form new colonies within your property. The leaving termites are known as swarmers and you can find them during the warmer spring months through early summer. It is important to discover a termite colony before it spreads to reduce the damage to your house and your wallet. 

How to Know If You have a Termite Infestation

If you have solid support studs for a building, knock on the walls on these areas. If you notice a strangely hollow sound, this may mean there is a termite issue behind those walls. Also, inspect the outside walls of your house and along the foundation. You may have a termite problem if you could see small tubes of dirt clinging to the walls or the grounds. Termites build these tubes to enter your house. Termites can also be found in rotting tree bark, damp firewood, and other sources of dying wood. You may see them gnawed wood in a garage or along the eaves. If your home’s interior has been invaded by dry wood termites, you may notice gnawed furniture, wallpaper, and textiles. There is a serious termite issue if you see swarmers or shed wings.

Why Immediate Treatment is Important

A termite issue should not be ignored. Letting the infestation worsen for a week can cost you hundreds of dollars more in damages. If you have a termite problem, don’t use chemicals from home improvement stores or DIY methods you can find online. These methods will only send termites to places that are difficult to reach such as under structures and behind walls. Because of the ability of termites to destroy your house and your budget, you should take them seriously by contacting pest control professionals immediately. Experts know how to find all termite colonies on your property and eliminate them quickly.