Just got involved in an accident? Do read this before you claim your insurance!

Did you hit someone on the road and now you are in a bind? Are you making your first car insurance claim? Are you gazing around the calculations and judging things? You’re probably wondering what happens after you hit ‘’lodge’’ on the insurance portal right? Here is a guide to what comes next, from assessing the claims to booking a repair.

Using a high-tech data analysis tool, your insurance provider examines your Car Insurance online claim to decide the next stages in managing it. A member of their team will contact you to discuss it.

Based on your circumstances, you will likely be sent to one of the provider’s trusted repairers to further evaluate your car’s damage. They will advise your insurer on the most suitable way to repair it based on things like the extent and type of damage.

What are the general claims people get from car insurance companies in Australian cities like Sydney and Newcastle?

  • During 2017, single-car collisions accounted for 24.97 per cent of all automotive claims in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). According to 2018, Australia has one of the greatest percentages of single-car crash claims amongst any other country. Hence major claims are single-car collision claims. This is the reason why the car insurance quotes are reasonably high.
  • Single-car crashes entail the loss of possession of a vehicle with no damage to another vehicle. For Instance, if a single-car crash occurs when a vehicle goes up a gutter or collides with a wall or railing, destroying another side panel. Then excess damage would most likely apply in this scenario. This is a kind of collision that happens at a place. This car insurance is generally done at a moderate quote.
  • If you were the one who caused the crash and if you were at blame. For example, if you neglected to give way and an accident ensued as a result of your failure, you would be held responsible. Then, the claim will be a Comprehensive Car Insurance claim.

Once you appeal to claim the insurance, you will be assessed in the process. Some may not realise it, but there are several things you may not know about getting your car insurance claim rejected. That’s why knowing what your car insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t is crucial! Here are some of the most typical things that might cause your insurance to refuse a claim:

  • You were over the alcohol limit
  • Illegal Activity
  • Hydrogen or Nitro Fuel
  • Aftermarket petrol Turbo engines
  • Roll bars
  • Racing equipment.
  • Certain uninsured modifications and accessories were permanently fitted to the car
  • A spooling extension to the originality
  • An exhaustive accessory that is not parallel to authenticity
  • You didn’t correctly disclose the driver’s history
  • Your insurance premium was not paid correctly
  • Too many parking tickets
  • Your driver licence is expired
  • You didn’t abide by the traffic rules

To help yourself save money and time repairing your car after an accident, you should look into the best car insurance plan.