Essential tips for your home remodelling

The advent of the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic brought with it several changes. One of these many changes relates to the transition from working in physical offices to working from home. This remote working lifestyle led to an increase in demand for household appliances and interior decorations. This is because spending more time at home basically requires an additional degree of comfort in one’s house. For this, revamping your household and making it a place where one is comfortable to work and sleep in is important. Below, we list down a few tips and trends to keep in mind while remodelling your home.

1. Lighting

It is imperative to understand the role of lighting when remodelling your household. Halogens are popular choices if you wish to emulate natural lighting in your household. Incandescents tint a room ever so slighting with a yellow glow. It compliments brighter coloured rooms while reducing greens and blues from showing. If your room is filled with vibrant furniture and you wish to dull it down a little bit, then fluorescent lighting is a recommended choice because of its cool lighting attributes. Finally, LEDs are generic choices and are suggested for indecisive consumers who wish to alter their lighting (make it warmer or colder) depending on their choice of furniture and paint.

2. Earthy Tones and Sustainable Materials

Being socially aware is the new trend. Following a monochrome or earthy tone regime not only makes a room instantly feel cosier and warmer but also makes you adapt to the room quicker. This is great especially when you suddenly need to work remotely, with no prior notice. Additionally, replacing your furniture and home decor with sustainable materials is also recommended to help mother nature a little bit.

3.       Sculptured Furniture

Millennials nowadays prefer having a ‘minimalistic’ household setting, with only the bare minimum furniture essentials being purchased. If you wish to remodel your household following a similar design, then investing in a few carefully curated furniture pieces is recommended. These items will quietly brew drama and become the spotlight in a neutral space. If purchasing sculpted furniture is a little too expensive, then investing in smaller items can still make a huge room layout difference. A mere strikingly shaped ceramic vase (or similar home décor) sitting on a windowsill can speak in volumes about your room’s aesthetic.

4.       Flooring

Your choice of flooring portrays the type of environment you reside in. Hard flooring options, for instance, are recommended for those households that are located in areas that are exposed to a high degree of moisture and humidity retention. Soft flooring (such as rugs and carpets) are not moisture-friendly and will be harder to maintain in such an environment. Hardwood flooring requires little to no maintenance and has a longer lifespan in comparison to soft flooring as well. Engineered hardwood, in specific, is better if you live in regions that deal with extreme temperatures for a large chunk of the year. Although they are cheaper than generic hardwood flooring, they have a lower lifespan as compared to their counterparts as well.

5.       No-cost EMI Payment

Remodelling your household, although thrilling in terms of its end result, can also be quite burdensome on your wallet. For this reason, most interior designers gravitate towards EMI payments to afford new furniture and decoration expenditures. Currently, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is being endorsed highly by Indian consumers. With this card, you can purchase your aesthetic furniture and complementary decorations with no-cost EMIs. This Bajaj EMI card is also accompanied by flexible tenor (up to 12 months) and a minimal application procedure (which only needs the submission and approval of 3 documents). Furniture on EMI is a practical investment as it prevents you from having to tap int your savings account to procure such appliances. Buy home décor online now, pay comfortably later!


We reckon that everybody deserves to live in a comfortable space, especially if a majority of their day is confined to that space. For this reason, revamping your household is recommended. Above, we have discussed a few tips and trends that interior decorators have sworn by as of mid-2021. In brief, lighting and flooring choices have a huge bearing on your household’s aesthetic appeal. Sculpted furniture, earthy tones and sustainable household items are ongoing trends followed by many youngsters. Finally, paying for your household’s physical requirements using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is heavily endorsed. This card provides consumers with the benefit of acquiring mattresses, kitchen gadgets, home décor on emi and furniture on EMI without a credit card. This can be done by merely accessing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and following the 100% digital process.