The Best Industrial Packaging Solutions For Today

As the name suggests, industrial packaging solutions are the packaging of products that are made by various manufacturers or just for the part of a product. The packaging material differs depending on the type of product that is being shifted from one place to another. Thus it can be heavy-duty, specially arranged, or customized packaging. Every manufacturer wants to shift its products with absolutely no damage.

Therefore the manufacturer needs to know which type of packaging is the best for the product. Industrial packaging solutions are not similar to consumer packaging solutions; generally, the products that need to be industrially packed are not the final product. The confusion of the manufacturer for choosing the right industrial packaging needs to be cleared and here is the guidance which was being searched by the manufacturers:

The most common types of industrial packaging solutions

The packaging mostly stays dependent on the product. But it is found by various studies the best packaging solution comes from the combination of available solutions. Then it becomes quite basic to know the types of options:

Foam Packaging

Whenever the shifted item has the characteristic of being fragile then foam packaging comes into consideration. The cushioning material is mostly made from polyurethane, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. The varying materials differ in their cost, benefit, and density. It is being suggested to use foam packaging only when necessary and mostly as equipment cases.

Corrugated Packaging

This type of industrial packaging solution is made from cardboard which is often die-cut wonderfully to fit the size and shape of the product. It is recyclable and adds protection to the product by completely immobilizing its movement. But corrugated packaging is not for products that are fragile as it offers protection from a one-time impact.

Wood Packaging

The wood packaging is most advantageous for its proper customization. The other advantage is that it’s cheap and durable. Wooden packaging mostly includes pallets, crates, and wooden shipping containers. Large products, part items, equipment are its niche. If the shifting item is very small then wooden packaging should not be considered for its bulk nature.

Void Filled Packaging

Void-filled packaging use foam, plastic air bubbles, and even paper to ensure the shifted item fits in place without any mobility. In other words, the spaces around the product and outer packaging are filled which ensures cushioning of the item. Small and single items are preferred for void fill packaging. A batch of items is also considered but it has to be non-fragile.

Other Packaging

Materials like thermoformed plastic, reusable corrugated plastic, containers molded, rack systems are also used for packaging solutions. If the need arises for intercompany or building to another building shifting, the rack system is an ideal option to transport items of various sizes. Containers that are molded are used for handling materials and heavy-duty. Thermoformed plastics help in single-use packaging or one-time protection. But the corrugated plastic is best for the reusable feature. Always consider the packaging’s environment along with the type it’s chosen.