Benefits of a Business Video Card

If you want to make a good impression, invest in business video cards! Mediafast designs and develops business cards with a screen that can display your personal message. In the professional world, the little white card gets thrown out, lost, forgotten because they all look the same. You are not the same. Your contact should not look the same either. Imagine you are trying to impress a potential employer, a business video card could really make you stand out! Or you could be a business trying to make connections or make contact with potential clients. Do not use outdated marketing, be innovative! Here are 8 reasons why you should invest in a business video card

They fit in your pocket. Even though this is a high tech marketing tool, it is still the same small convenient size of a normal business card.

The cards come in full color printing. Get rid of the generic white card with black lettering. Make your brand really stand out.

They are incredibly easy to share. You do not need any cords or remotes to make digital magic happen. Simply hand over the device and the recipient simply presses play. It really is that easy!

When you design one of the cards, you get to put out a completely controlled message out there. It turns an average applicant into an absolute candidate.

The cards are reloadable. That means that you can change the message any time you want to rebrand or make a specific presentation for a specific person.

Again, these cards are 100% customizable. If you dream up a concept, Mediafast will build it! Each product is unique and reflects you. No two cards ever look the same. If you need help with designing, MediaFast’s expert team can assist you.

You are guaranteed to get a response. Video content has a much higher engagement rate.

Lastly, this product is rechargeable. You can use the same one for years. When it runs out of battery, simply plug it in, let it charge and re-use it again and again.

Business video cards are an excellent way to create opportunities and increase revenue. Whether or not you are using it for yourself or on behalf of a company, it will impress the recipient. Get one today because they are portable, full color, easy to share, customized, reloadable, high engaging and re-chargeable. Market yourself or your business in a unique and modern way.

MediaFast is an industry leader in innovative marketing. The company specializes in video mailers. Essentially, you can mail out items that have video screens in them that will convey their message. A great tool anyone could benefit from is their business video card. Order a free sample today when you visit their website.