What do you mean by Fastest WordPress Hosting?

It is true that when you create a website with WordPress.org Framework, you need to secure your hosting. The version of the PHP programming language that WordPress runs on your computer must support the latest version. Of the Dreampress hosting plans we have tested, Dreamhost has the best-managed fastest WordPress offering.    

Compared to the other hosting providers mentioned above, WP Engine offers the highest speed for WordPress sites. SiteGround beats major hosting companies such as Inmotion Hosting, Bluehost and HostGator in its price category. Kinsta is a performance-oriented and one of the fastest WordPress hosting platforms. It offers the users a fully managed service that includes free website migration and daily backups, starting with high-end hosting at $100 per month (plans will change in late 2017) and accessible WordPress hosting at a lower price of $30 per month.    

Key features of the managed hosting service include automatic updates, built-in CDN, instant auto-scaling, malware monitoring, instant daily backups, full server access, one-click staging and pre-installed plugins. With Kinsta it doesn’t matter if you have a starter plan or a tailor-made plan, your WordPress site will have access to fast, compute-optimized GCPs servers. Whether you’re on the launch or enterprise plan, you can take advantage of Google’s cloud platform, fast servers and a fast hosting experience, no matter how big your budget.    

Web hosting is far from the only factor in the equation, so it is important to consider your needs and choose the best option for you. In short, a managed WordPress web host manages security, speed, core updates, daily backups, scalability and availability of your site. With a managed host, your website is optimized for high performance, secured by regular backups and you will enjoy updates as they come.    

Kinsta and WP Engine are both hosting companies that use premium pricing. While the costs for WP Engine are somewhat higher than other managed to host providers, they value the support of the WordPress expert team, fast loading times and secure servers. Choosing a WordPress host is only one piece of the puzzle, as you also need to optimize the front end of your WordPress site.    

Kinsta is a WordPress-specific hosting provider that offers a variety of managed plans. Like Engine, it is powered by a reliable architecture with built-in speed and scalability.    

SiteGround offers premium hosting plans optimized for WordPress with unique internal speed and security solutions. BlueHost is one of the largest hosting companies on planet earth and is the official recommended WordPress hosting provider.    

SiteGround is another fastest WordPress hosting that manages to combine speedy loading times, well-managed WordPress features and great support in a single price package. SiteGround is a great entry-level solution that gives you the best performance without breaking the bank, especially when you need to host multiple sites, or you’re looking for something more budget and not a super technical user. With an inexpensive plan and several advanced features, it is set up for you to buy your hosting services with WordPress and start a successful business.    

DreamHost offers you several affordable common plans that you can use to boost the performance of your WordPress site. WPX hosting is an interesting option if you need to host multiple WordPress sites.    

Flywheel is a popular WordPress-specific web host that offers plans and features for freelancers and agencies. Flywheel is another popular WordPress-specific web hosting that offers features and plans for agencies and freelancers.    

Flywheel is powered by Google Cloud and has custom dashboards, WordPress website management and a free CDN. Flywheel is listed as fast, which means it is one of the fastest web hosts for WordPress, but you should know that most of the features and specifications of Flywheel are similar to those of Kinsta. Inmotion Hosting did not perform better in our tests, but its cheapest tier, the WP 1000s plan we tested, starts at $5.99 per month with promotional pricing and offers good value for money when considering the price.    

The web host you choose to power your WordPress site plays a crucial role in its speed and performance. It is important to know the requirements your website needs before you choose a web host. A shared hosting plan can handle between 1,000 and 2,000 visitors per day, so your website should be performance-optimized.    

The ultimate goal of this post is to help you find a host that can provide the service you need at the price you want. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a WordPress managed web host, so our hand-picked 10 managed hosting companies go through plans, available features, offers and customer support.    

In our case, we purchased 39 web hosting services, created 80 test pages to measure the performance of each and created a list of the 7 fastest WordPress hosting services. In our previous article, we analyzed the best WordPress hosting companies and we will look at the six fastest WordPress hosting providers in this post based on the real performance tests we conducted. As with other hosting review sites, I stole the words from the press release of the respective hosting company (WPBeginner) and logged in to every single WordPress hosting provider to test their services.    

With WordPress hosting that improves the speed, performance, user experience and much more of your websites, we don’t think it matters which you choose among the top 5 hosting providers. Our team of WordPress experts will optimize your site and ensure that your website visitors have a first-class experience on your site.   

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