The Workplace Mobile Chat Guide

2020, despite being considered a dark year worldwide, also somehow shed the possibility that working remotely is possible. It is indeed a blessing in disguise because not only does it give employees the work-life balance they seek, they are also kept from the potential harm of the COVID-19 virus.

But one of the things that companies have had a hard time figuring out is how to monitor communications between clients and employees, monitor text messages, or do call monitoring. We all know how vital communication is, especially now that people are not working in one room and decisions need to be made.

Here are some suggested ways as listed by TeleMessage:

Effective Communication in the Workplace

Some companies were quick to adapt to the home-office setup, and one effective tool they considered use is WhatsApp. As business leaders consider the need for the speedy delivery of messages and quick customer response, they also continually monitor productivity and significant metrics. Again, WhatsApp proved to be the best there is.

It’s a lot different from simply sending people text messages because it can also include attachments, multimedia, and links.

Text Messaging’s Impact on Sales and Customer Acquisition

Most people schedule meetings through sending SMS, and aside from that, firms who opt to send text messages to clients have seen a 50% increase in business loyalty. Not only do customers feel cared for, but it increases trust between the company and clients.

For more information regarding workplace communication, check out this infographic.